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Virtual Selling Mastery: How Sales Teams Can Survive and Thrive in a Virtual Selling World

About This Webinar

The world is different now for everyone. As a result, the same selling techniques that worked before the global pandemic aren’t effective anymore. Unfortunately, most sales teams haven’t had time to effectively adjust to the new virtual demands of buyers. They're struggling with the technology. They're struggling with video. They're struggling to get noticed. And they're struggling to make the buying process still feel human, personalized, and build trust. Keynote speaker and author Marcus Sheridan has been teaching successful virtual sales and marketing methods for years.

In this session, attendees will:

• Understand how to create a world-class virtual sales experience, specifically over video, for any product or service

• Master the best practices of setting up and delivering an online, one-to-one video, sales presentation

• Discover more effective ways of prospecting through innovative digital strategies

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