Christian Creative Academy - How to Recognize, Crystallize & Monetize Your Magnificence!
About This Webinar
In this 60 minute webinar I'll be revealing how you can transform your God-given gifts into valuable and profitable digital products, online courses, and powerful publications.

We live in a time of unprecedented opportunity, and you have massive value to bring to the table.

You are no longer limited to just your geography, and can literally go to the 'uttermost parts of the earth' to share your worth, spread your message, and help your flock or tribe.

Digital products, platforms, and online courses are by far the most accessible and effective way to do this.

INCLUDES BONUS BOOK - You Were Made To Be A Maker - God's Call To Christian Creativity (FREE FOR ALL ATTENDEES)
  • Turning Your "OW' into 'WOW' - the hidden purpose in your pain, and how it can impact the world in a powerful way.
  • 3 Keys to Unlocking Wealth Creation and Distribution in your life and business.
  • How to recognize your WINNING TRIFECTA TOPIC that others will eagerly respond to.
  • Turning inspiration to implementation so your value is crystallized into value-packed products and platforms your audience will want to consume.
  • INCLUDES BONUS BOOK - You Were Made To Be A Maker - God's Call To Christian Creativity (FREE FOR ALL ATTENDEES)
David Lee Martin
David is a married man with four kids and has built a multiple six-figure business applying the very keys he teaches.

He runs a growing self-publishing company providing Christian fiction and non-fiction to a hungry marketplace, and spends lots of time teaching other believers how they can bake their brilliant, cook their cool, and market their marvelous without compromising their values.
This webinar will show you…
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    The Made to Be A Maker Manifesto - God's Call To Creativity & Why Your Message Needs To Be Shared with The World
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    The Winning Trifecta Framework
    Don't make the mistake of having unrealistic, unviable, unsustainable products that no one wants. Using the Winning Trifecta framework will put you leaps ahead of the competition before you even begin.
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    Crystallizing Your Value into Rainbow Products and Courses
    The rainbow is a symbol of promise, and using the rainbow process to produce and deliver your digital products you'll always over deliver!