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Recorded Tue, August 3, 2021 7:02 am (EDT)
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    London (GMT 1:00)
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    Want to get the best performance from the plants in your garden? Whether it’s veg and fruit crops or ornamental plants, they’ll all do better if they’ve got the correct nutrients they need.

    In this 30-minute class, Associate Editor, David Hurrion will share his top tips to show you how to spot when plants need a helping hand and help you provide all they need to grow, flower and fruit well, in addition to staying healthy.

    The session will be split into a 15-minute presentation, followed by a 15-minute live audience Q&A.
  • Agenda
    • Learn what is really meant by plant ‘food’, fertilisers and nutrients
    • Making sure the soil can provide the nutrients plants need
    • Tailoring your soil to suit what you’re growing
    • Putting back what the plants take out of the soil
    • The differences between feeding soils and composts
    • Learn how to provide the basic major plant nutrients
    • Discover what is meant by ‘minor’ nutrients and ‘trace elements’
    • How to spot when plants are deficient in different nutrients
    • Different sources of nutrition and how to apply them
    • What is meant by organic or inorganic fertilisers
    • Closing with live Q&A session with David Hurrion & Emma Crawforth
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