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· 1 hour 30 minutes

Strategic Design Thinking

Sat, Feb 26, 2022 · 2:00 PM · CET
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Workshop IED

The international market demands a new generation of interior and product designers who know how to manage product, space composition and service design, in order to offer people a unique experience.
Beside designing as a freelance or within a professional studio, designers are demanded
to directly enter the job market becoming entrepreneurs and producers of their own ideas.
Thanks to this workshop participants will discover the method and process of Strategic Design Thinking, examining all factors that come into play during the development of a project.

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Webinar hosting presenter
IED Alumna and Professor, Interior Designer
Monika is a designer with a bachelor and master degree in Interior Design at IED Milano. She has developed new skills in the design field enriching her professional profile: the realization of exhibition stands at Fuori Salone, the organization of workshops and consultancy services for companies and individuals as strategic designer and design thinking classes as professor at IED. Being a designer and sharing knowledge for her is not just a job, but a lifestyle.
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