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· 2 hours

IED for Saint Petersburg State University of Industrial Technologies and Design

Wed, Nov 24, 2021 · 12:00 PM · Rome
About This Webinar

We still think of brand visual identity as a collection of rules to respect but it is clear that this concept doesn't fit the fast world of today. Instead of rules maybe we have to talk about directions to follow that can easily fit to new technologies and ways of living. Graphic Design, in the classical conception of the job, is one of the main enemies of iconography today since it tries to create synthetic elements instead of essential meanings. From city to football teams is always a matter of making intelligence visible and not only aesthetically pleasing.
The speech will be followed by a brief asking the students to design and post on instagram a sports jersey or a urban playground able to not only be graphically good but able to convey deep meaning and become a cultural tool. Online review by IED Milano of the results will follow each submission.

  • The future of visual identity design.
  • Q&A
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Coordinator for the BA Graphic Design in IED Milan
He studied Graphic Design at IED Milan and SVA New York. Expert of branding and visual design, he worked for many national and international companies like Telecom (Italy), Barwa Bank (Qatar), Forte Bank (Kazakhstan), UCI Cinemas and many more. In 2010 he opened his own design studio in Milan focused on Branding and social media management and communication. For IED he covers the role of coordinator for the BA Graphic Design, Lecturer on Branding Classes and consultant in Special design projects with clients like Unicredit and S. Raffaele Hospital of Milan.