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IED Italy - Summer Courses Offer

About This Webinar

Discover IED Italy - Summer courses in Fashion, Design, and Visual Arts!
Find out more about our "Learning by doing" methodology, about projects with companies and successful students and Alumni. Inquire about the Admission Process and Early Bird opportunities.

  • IED History and Methodology
  • Design - Fashion - Visual Arts
  • Admission Process
  • Q&A Session
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Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter
International Education Counselor
Her passion for art and travel has led her to work in different parts of the world starting from Ireland up to New Zealand, and to interact with students from different countries and cultures, enriching her professional experiences and making her appreciate a multicultural atmosphere that only an international environment can offer.
Her international experiences and her creative attitude make her the perfect International Counselor to refer to for national and international students, on choosing the right course and to begin their professional and personal journey at IED.
Webinar hosting presenter
International Marketing Specialist
I have been working in IED since 2003, covering increasingly complex positions in an international context.

Most of the various tasks I have been involved in have enabled me to get to know our students personally, from the moment of their first contact with IED until the completion of their education at our school, allowing me to have a complete overview of their journey, their growth, and their results.

Over the last few years, I have been in charge of the Study Abroad Programs, overseeing the marketing of these products, designing and managing the content, and the promotional part as well. This allowed me to have a view of the whole process since a product takes shape until we introduce it to our potential students and international partners.

These two have definitely been the most enriching and engaging experiences of my professional life in IED.

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