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Graphic Design - IED Firenze

About This Webinar

What does it mean to be a Graphic Designer in the contemporary and evolving visual field?

The development of digital technologies has had a dramatic impact on the role of visual content creators. If in the past only professionals could create visual contents for the public, nowadays it does not seem the same, thanks to the many tools that technology brings to people.But is it actually true? The contemporary visual field brings the chance to evolve also to the figure of a Graphic Designer, thanks to the new communication tools (motion graphic, video mapping, mobile applications) but also to the need of original ideas and perspective.

Isabella Ahmadzadeh, Art Director and Visual Artist, will discuss this topic together with Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini - Creative Director for Studio Kmzero and Art Director for Zetafonts, but also Creative Process professor for the Master Course in IED Firenze. This is an exciting time to be a Graphic Designer, don’t miss the chance to discover why!

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Art Director, author and visual artist. She has worked for various companies in Milan and Florence,
developing projects for the main companies in the territory. She has worked as graphic designer
for Gucci, specializing in photographic art direction. Her works in Type design have been
selected by AWDA Design Award in 2017, her illustrations for Zetafonts have been featured by
Print Magazine for the Typography & Lettering Awards in 2016. In 2020 another work of her for
Zetafonts won an Indigo silver prize and in 2022 she has won with Zetafonts a TDC award for her editorial design in Coppa Stadio project. Since 2019 she has been working as coordinator of the
Master Course in Graphic Design.
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I am Shrishti Vajpai, a graphic designer, from New Delhi, India. After graduating in 2010 from College of Art Delhi, with a BFA in Applied Art, I started working with prominent graphic design studios like GCD Studio, Illum Design and The Brewhouse, with a primary focus on branding and graphic communication. In 2017,  I undertook a summer course in identity design, from Rhode Island Institute of Design, to further my skills and understanding.
In 2020 I pursued Master’s in Graphic Design (Focus on New Media) from IED-Firenze, and graduated with a 110/110 Cum Laude. Currently I am collaborating with Zetafonts type foundry to understand in depth, the field of type design while assisting in the development of a Devanagari typeface.
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