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Free 2-Hr Med/Dent Interview Webinar: How to Score Top Marks in Every Interview Question

About This Webinar

Besides the ATAR and UCAT, the interview is the last remaining assessment medical schools use to select the best candidates each year. However, despite its overwhelming importance, many med school candidates overlook the interview's complexity and arrive on the day blatantly unprepared. Because the interview is weighted so heavily (i.e. 3 to 12mins of the interview could be worth the same weighting as a year 12 subject) by the selectors, doing well in it is necessary to secure your position as a highly-competitive candidate.

Since interviews start around the 21st Nov (anywhere between a few days to 10 days after your final exams), the term 3 holidays become a critical time to start preparing.

We will be covering:
1. How interviews are conducted, what interviewers look for in each response & how marks are awarded
2. Latest trends and tendencies for interviewer preferences
3. Introducing and dissecting the challenges that come with each of the 5 question types asked in the 2021 medical school interviews
4. Common mistakes and misconceptions students have about interviews
5. Discussing actual interview questions and the best ways to plan, organise and deliver answers that score big time
6. The steps you need to undertake for the best interview preparation from the free workshop until your interview

A bit about the presenter:
As a professional interviewer, Michael has interviewed more than 1000 candidates for many professional roles and fields, including selecting C-suite executives. Over the past decade, Michael has accumulated over 10,000 interviewing hours finding the ideal candidate for countless highly competitive recruitment and selection processes.

In addition, Michael has led interview training for professional assessment and awards-based marking using particular selection matrices in many fields of interest. He has trained more than 70 interviewers for far more complex interviews than medical and dental school interviews.

As an interview designer, Michael creates custom interview questions, processes, frameworks and systems used by organisations to identify the authentic qualities of candidates. Finally, as the head of recruitment for multinational tech corporate, he oversaw the entire process of filtering candidates from their applications to the final rounds of their interviews, a position he held for four years.

Most importantly, as an interview coach, Michael runs professional interview coaching programs for doctors looking to gain entry into a specialist training program and for working professionals looking to secure high-level positions in the world of finance, commerce, business, pharmaceuticals and engineering. In his work regarding preparing candidates for medical and dental school interviews, Michael has personally coached over 2,500 candidates across Australasia into receiving at least one medical school offer (average of 3) over the last decade.

Michael’s interview masterclasses help students gain top-level interview skills that help them stand out amongst other high-achieving candidates in as little time as possible. On top of creating many innovative systems to build interviewee skills, Michael also supports students in generating top-tier content, analysing questions, and intelligently organising content. His coaching helps students know what interviewers are looking for in every question asked across all formats in every Australasian medical and dental school interview so that a top-scoring response can be confidently delivered every single time.

Many of the parents of Michael’s students are medical school professors and former/current interviewers for medical schools who trust his skills in interview coaching over their own. Michael passionately heads the interview coaching department at iCanMed and looks forward to helping every candidate stand out as a clear choice amongst the competition on the big day!

Interested in an intensive two-day interview masterclass, one-on-one mock interviews, group feedback sessions, and more resources for interview prep? You can also check out our paid interview courses here: https://www.icanmed.com.au/product/interview-courses-2022/

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