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iCanStudy 1.5-hr Webinar for Yr 10's (Part 1): Diagnose Your Study & Fix Your Biggest Learning Barrier

About This Webinar

NB: This webinar is a private event for current iCanMed students only. All other students will be removed from the register.

In the first webinar of the two-part study efficiencies series, Dr Justin Sung, iCanStudy's co-founder, will spend 1.5-hours to help you jumpstart your journey to achieve study skills mastery by covering the following topics:

1. The hidden dangers of "over-studying" and putting in too much effort in year 10
2. The career-ending (completely avoidable) mistakes that 90% of year 10 students never fix until it's already too late
3. How to make sure the effort we put in produces consistent improvements in studying efficiency every year
4. Why using strategies like Pomodoro technique, flashcards or spaced repetition can be a complete waste of time, and why most students don't realise that until they are already in university
5. Self-diagnosis: evaluate your true studying efficiency and rate-limiting steps with just 17 research-based questions
6. Learn about "cognitive load theory" and "deep processing" and how these two principles can transform how you see studying forever
7. Equip yourself with the "studying tuning fork" - the two-pronged mental technique that drives your brain into a higher gear, improving short-term understanding AND long-term retention
8. Add our Year 10 Technique Toolkit to your studying arsenal, divided into 3 levels of difficulty for you to use immediately and reap its benefits every single study session.

Make sure to sign up and attend the webinar to become informed about the in's and out's to maximise study efficiency.

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