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About This Webinar


One question we always have when it comes to the UCAT is exactly how much time is enough time and how many questions do we need to solve to be exam ready. The reality of UCAT prep is that it’s actually more than just spending hours on end breaking your back with practice questions.

Through years of research, iCanMed has found and refined the most effective and efficient ways to prepare for this rather obscure assessment and we are hosting a set of FREE webinars to share our experiences, updated advice and relevant information with students who are interested in the medical and dental pathways.

There is much to uncover in our 2.5-HR webinar but one key takeaway for you right now is that the result is, of course, heavily influenced by when you make a start on your prep. There are skills to learn and practice that needs to be done and we can say from experience that starting in October/November could almost double your chances of UCAT success (compared to a student who starts in December/January).

In this webinar, Ray, iCanMed’s education advisor, will share with you the difference that starting now could make for you (compared to the summer break) with reference to the following points:

- All the advantages of starting UCAT preparation 8 - 9 months before the test date (NB: UCAT is sat in July every year)
- The most proven ways to solve UCAT questions and how to get your techniques under your belt
- A perfect prep plan to get you up to scratch in terms of timeline and workload distribution
- An up-to-date mini mock test containing UCAT questions based on the 2021 exam
- Comprehensive teaching to help you learn how to solve questions correctly and prepare for the UCAT intelligently

iCanMed Results: Why You Should Listen to Us!

In UCAT 2020, iCanMed students dominated the test where approximately 53% of all the students who scored 90th to 99th percentile (i.e. top 10% of ALL candidates) used the iCanMed UCAT Course to prepare. Even more impressive, approximately 71% of all the students who scored 96th to 99th percentile (i.e. top 4% of ALL candidates) were iCanMed students.

When: Sun, Oct 24, 2021 · 1:00 PM · Canberra
Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes
Language: English
Who can attend? Anyone with the event link can attend
Dial-in available? (listen only): No
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iCanMed Educational Advisor
Ray is an educational advisor for iCanMed. He regularly communicates with students and parents to provide the best advice and keep them updated on the rapidly changing realities of getting into medicine/dentistry across Australia and New Zealand.