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· 2 hours 30 minutes

Free Parent Webinar (Year 11 & 10): The Complete UCAT & Interview Prep Plan For Multiple Medicine/Dent Offers

Sun, Aug 15, 2021 · 2:00 PM · Melbourne
About This Webinar

We’ve all heard the phrase, ‘Failing to plan is planning to fail.’ However, although a lack of planning will almost guarantee failure when you seek entrance into medical/dental school, planning doesn’t necessarily ensure success either. For a plan to work, it needs to have specific characteristics: it needs to be REALISTIC, TIMELY, WELL-RESEARCHED and PERSONALISED. Since the UCAT and interview are both unique assessments that (when combined) are weighted more heavily than your child’s ATAR, extensive effort is needed to ensure that your child’s plan will achieve its intended results.

Attend this webinar to learn how to help your child receive not one but multiple medical/dental school offers!

In this 2-hour webinar, Ray Cho (iCanMed’s educational advisor) will take you through:
1. A comprehensive checklist of specific competencies that your child needs to develop as part of their UCAT and interview study.
2. Most recent UCAT and interview questions will also be displayed and dissected to understand the key challenges of each assessment
3. Updated entry criteria and selection process will be discussed for all medical and dental programs across Australasia.
4. Finally, a 12-month and 24-month recommended timeline will be revealed to help your child develop everything they need, without the extra stress often experienced by pre-med and pre-dent students.

There is a lot at stake in your child’s final year of high school. Make sure to attend this session to learn how to support them through the rough journey ahead.

iCanMed Results: Why You Should Listen to Us!
In UCAT 2020, iCanMed students dominated the test where approximately 53% of all the students who scored 90th to 99th percentile (i.e. top 10% of ALL candidates) used the iCanMed UCAT Course to prepare. Even more impressive, approximately 71% of all the students who scored 96th to 99th percentile (i.e. top 4% of ALL candidates) were iCanMed students. iCanMed students form the overwhelming percentage of the successful candidate selected for every medical and dental program in Australasia.

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iCanMed Educational Advisor
Ray is an educational advisor for iCanMed. He regularly communicates with students and parents to provide the best advice and keep them updated on the rapidly changing realities of getting into medicine/dentistry across Australia and New Zealand.
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