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Free 2-Hr Parent Webinar: The Ultimate Summer Holiday UCAT Preparation Plan for Your Child!

About This Webinar

It is a well-known fact that for a candidate to be 'competitive', they are required to achieve a superb ATAR, on top of scoring an equally impressive UCAT result (at least around the 90th percentile). This year, however, the cut-off UCAT mark to land an interview offer skyrocketed to a ridiculous 93rd percentile (and one university required a gobsmacking 95th percentile for interstate applicants). Quite frankly, gaining acceptance into medical and dental school in Australasia has never been more challenging. Your child needs a super-smart study plan, the correct preparation resources, and the right question-solving approach. Your child also needs a lot of time on his/her side—so what better time to begin (and hopefully, finish) your UCAT prep than the summer break? Make the summer count so that you only need to fight one battle (ATAR) instead of two (ATAR and UCAT) once Term 1 resumes.

This webinar will cover all of the following topics to help you guide your child:
- Why the summer holiday is the best (and only time) students sitting UCAT in 2021 to prepare for the UCAT
- Rock-solid preparation strategies and plans that enabled iCanMed students to claim 71% of all 96th to 99th percentile results awarded in UCAT 2020
- Full breakdown in terms of the complexities of the UCAT and what specific preparation approaches need to be undertaken to fully prepare for the test
- An updated list of ALL of the UCAT preparation assumptions that sabotage students’ dreams of obtaining a competitive UCAT score before they even begin their preparation
- A comprehensive time management plan, designed to expedite UCAT preparation so that your child can finish or almost finish UCAT preparation by the start of Term 1, 2021

If you want to give your child the best chance of gaining entry into medicine and dentistry, do not miss this webinar. Not taking advantage of the summer holidays was the biggest regret that most students had after scoring poorly in UCAT 2020. Don't set yourself up for the same regret!

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