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Free 2-Hr Webinar REPEAT: Why UCAT 2021 Will Be Harder Than UCAT 2020 & 5 Must-Do's to Prepare Competitively!

About This Webinar

NB: This event is a LIVE repeat event (not recorded) that will cover the same content as the webinar on 21/9

On August 27 2020, UCAT released their preliminary results for the Australian and NZ candidates who sat the test this year. Not only was the bottom line mark required for every decile rank higher in 2020 than 2019, but the jump in marks required to score 90th percentile shocked everyone. In UCAT 2019, candidates needed 2840 to score 90th percentile in the UCAT (often needed as the minimal competitive result to land an interview offer). In contrast, in UCAT 2020, the mark required to score 90th percentile jumped up to 2920 - yes, a humungous 80 point jump. In 2019, a score of 2920 would've netted you a healthy 94th percentile, but not anymore...

In this 2-hr webinar, Michael Tsai, iCanMed's co-founder, will show you:
1. The contributing factors behind the jump and why the trend will continue for UCAT 2021/22
2. What you should do to absolutely not get left behind in the dust by the competition
3. Five must-do preparation strategies based on proven literature to expedite constructive preparation that no one is doing (even in the UK where the UCAT was born)
4. Sample live demonstrations of how to solve UCAT 2020 questions correctly and quickly

DO NOT miss this webinar if you want to get ahead in your study!

As a qualified educator, seasoned coach and professional assessment writer and learning designer, Michael will explain precisely why the traditional method of attempting question banks and mock exams does not prepare you for the UCAT.

Make sure you attend this free webinar tutorial to reap the benefits of effective UCAT preparation before it is too late!

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