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Free 2.5-Hr UCAT Webinar: When is the BEST TIME to start prep? How are UCAT questions meant to be solved?

About This Webinar

The UCAT is a critical exam when it comes to gaining entry into medical and dental programs across Australia. Not only does it form a significant part of the final decision to accept candidates, but many programs are also using the UCAT as the only screening tool for an interview offer. That's right—without an interview, your ATAR isn't even looked at by selectors. Therefore, it is critical to take a deep dive to answer the two questions in the title for successful UCAT preparation.

In this 2.5-hr webinar, Michael Tsai, iCanMed's co-founder, will show you:
1. When is the best time to start UCAT prep? Is it now, the summer break, during year 12, or a few months before the exam?
2. Key components of effective (and efficient) preparation!
3. Detailed breakdown of section 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 questions with mini-mock test simulation
4. Full question walkthroughs to help you gain the skills to answer questions flawlessly

UPDATE: In UCAT 2020, iCanMed students dominated the test where approximately 53% of all the students who scored 90th to 99th percentile (i.e. top 10% of ALL candidates) used the iCanMed UCAT Course to prepare. Even more impressive, approximately 71% of all the students who scored 96th to 99th percentile (i.e. top 4% of ALL candidates) were iCanMed students.

DO NOT miss this webinar if you want to get ahead in your study!

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Webinar hosting presenter Michael Tsai
iCanMed Co-Founder
Michael is a qualified educator, professional interviewer, learning designer and assessment writer. He spent the last 13 years helping thousands of pre-med students with all aspects of the medical school entrance process. He also advises almost 300 schools on preparation timelines and methodologies.
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