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BONUS Progress Class: The Ultimate Study System To GUARANTEE a 99+ ATAR while balancing UCAT Preparation

Wed, Sep 22, 2021 · 1:00 PM · Melbourne
About This Webinar

To support every student to achieve their very best, iCanMed is hosting a bonus progress class ran by iCanStudy to help ambitious students achieve the best ATAR/GPA possible without the usual stress, time and grind associated with studying.

We all know gaining acceptance into medicine or dentistry is ultra-competitive. For the 2021 intake, successful candidates generally applied with a 99.2 to 99.95 ATAR alongside a mid-90th UCAT. These results are nothing short of elite. A mid 99 ATAR could grant a Dux or proxime accessit award for most schools. With this in mind, what is your plan to GUARANTEE you achieve your desired ATAR?

As we know, failing to plan is planning to fail. Furthermore, if your master plan for year 12 is to simply spend more time and effort doing MORE of how you are currently studying, I can guarantee that you will NOT achieve your dream ATAR. Here are two critical reasons why:

The study techniques of almost all year 10/11 students' study techniques are already inadequate for them to achieve a top 3 result in EVERY single test across all subjects - precisely what's needed for a high 99 ATAR.
Year 12 subjects not only have substantially more content but more complex assessments too. If you are already struggling in year 10/11 to stay on top of the workload, doing more of the same will not account for the drastic increase in content AND new challenges in exams.

Here's another food for thought: who else you know is planning to just work harder in year 12? From our experience, putting in more effort and time is the sole solution for 98% of students to achieve their dream ATAR. So if almost everyone is doing the same thing, why would you expect a significantly better result than everyone else? Wouldn’t you expect the same results as everyone else? Finally, just how much harder can we work? Can you realistically double your study hours and still function as a happy and productive human being?

  • The two sides to an efficient study system - why spaced repetition and active recall are insufficient for top achievement
  • The one approach to studying that most students actively avoid, which actually prevents them from using ANY high-level studying technique
  • The 2 easiest ways to increase your studying efficiency that geniuses do without even realising it, and normal people can train in 3 to 4 weeks.
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Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter Michael Tsai
iCanMed Co-Founder
Michael has spent the last 15 years helping thousands of ambitious students gain entry to medical and dental schools across Australasia. Packed with extensive knowledge, expertise and insights like no other, he aims to help every student identify and fix any preparation hurdles ahead of time to make the preparation journey as smooth and stress-free as possible!
Webinar hosting presenter Dr Justin Sung
iCanStudy Co-founder
Webinar hosting presenter
Guest Speaker - Current Medical School Student & 99.95 ATAR Achiever in 2019
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