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Sat, Jun 12, 2021 · 1:30 AM · 1 hour

~!@LIVE-TV!!** "Diaz vs Edwards" [LIVESTREAM] @Free UFC 2021

Sat, Jun 12, 2021 · 1:30 AM · +06
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~!@LIVE-TV!!** "Diaz vs Edwards" [LIVESTREAM] @Free UFC 2021 Diaz vs Edwards Live Stream The Diaz are no strangers to blowing leads, but looking at Monday’s capitulation against the Edwards, even they will be …

LIVE TV :::► https://bit.ly/ufc-access-now

LIVE TV :::► https://bit.ly/ufc-access-now

Diaz is just one fight away from contesting the super-welterweight word title after his fight against Edwards was upgraded to a world-title eliminator.

The WBO today announced that if Diaz emerges victorious in Wednesday's Sydney Super Fight, and world champion Patrick Teixeira and contender Brian Castano cannot make their fight before January 6, then the Aussie will be fighting for the WBO super-welterweight title in his next fight.

It's a massive opportunity for the Aussie to announce himself on the world stage after dominating the Australian circuit, remaining undefeated in 16-fights and becoming arguably the nation's pound-for-pound best fighter.

It would also go a long way to matching his father's, Kostya's, legacy who held the undisputed and lineal light-welterweight titles in his prime.

But before the 26-year-old can start plotting his title preparation, he'll have to do away with New Zealand world-ranked boxer Edwards who has only lost one fight across a career spanning over 130 amateur and professional fights.

"I'm not thinking about it yet because I've got one target in front of me. One victim that's trying to take it all away from me," Diaz said at the official pre-fight press conference today.

"I don't underestimate no one, every fighter is dangerous in their own way. Bowyn is going to bring a tough fight, I'm not going to underestimate him. Once the fight finishes then we can start talking about world titles.

"It's a blessing, all this hard work is coming to truth. You don't get to this position overnight it takes years and years. We're here now, its been a lot of work and I'm not going to let anyone take it off me."

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