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Double-digit annual fund growth is not just possible, it is to be expected. Assuming, of course, you have the right tactics in place AND that you’ve fully embraced the digital revolution. And those tactics are centered around peer-to-peer fundraising and a true multi-channel approach to development.

Groundwork Digital President and Co-Founder Justin Ware is the brains behind multi-channel and peer-to-peer (or “online ambassador”) fundraising campaigns that acquire new donors by the hundreds and thousands. Whether it’s online ambassadors for a giving day or a multi-channel approach to calendar and fiscal year end, Groundwork’s strategy leads to real fundraising success. During this webinar, expect to learn:
  • What a true multi-channel campaign looks like across email, direct mail, and social media
  • How to build an online ambassador program
  • Tactics that fuel student-led philanthropy
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    Justin Ware
    Co-Founder and President of Groundwork Digital
    Justin Ware is the Co-Founder and President of Groundwork Digital. A thought-leader in the nonprofit sector, Justin is a fundraising and content marketing expert. Justin's work spans nonprofits, higher education, and media. In 2009, Justin was the executive producer on one of the first ever YouTube videos to win an Emmy. The "Science of Watchmen" video has been viewed nearly 2 million times and was also nominated for a Webby. Justin began his career in television before joining the University of Minnesota and then Bentz Whaley Flessner. After BWF, Justin led digital fundraising strategy at Ruffalo Noel Levitz as well as Product Management for Annual Giving. Justin has spoken at numerous conferences and led consulting engagements for universities and nonprofits across the country. In his spare time, Justin can be found rooting for the Minnesota Vikings and Gophers, skiing, hiking with his dog, and enjoying family time with his wife and two children.