Stanford University indefinitely suspended their telephone appeal, a decision that sent shockwaves through the Higher Education sector. The decision followed years of diminishing alumni interest in telephone campaigns, leading Stanford to realise that they needed to make the radical change.

In this exclusive Hubbub Webinar, Amy Wilson, Director of the Stanford Fund, and Julianne Troyer, Associate Director of Direct Marketing, will provide participants with an in-depth look into the steps which led to this decision; how they executed the change, in collaboration with both senior leadership and external supporter communities; and how they have re-engaged alumni and donors with a more robust digital giving strategy.
  • Analyzing your program: Using data analysis to evaluate the strengths, challenges and risks of telephone appeals
  • Making a decision: Comparing options, taking a leadership-centric approach and getting your institution on board
  • Communicating the change: Managing your messages, reassuring interested parties and making the most of your communications resources
  • Evolving your strategy: Moving towards digital engagement, and using data analysis to find new ways to meet the changing needs of your constituent base
  • Applying these principles to your program
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