Learn how Houwzer's top rated, salaried agents are saving home sellers an average of $15,000 in just 7 minutes.

Did you know the Internet has greatly reduced the cost to advertise a home yet most agents still charge a three percent listing fee? Home sellers deserve better. That's why we started Houwzer.

Houwzer is a modern, socially responsible real estate agency for savvy homeowners.

We've rebuilt the real estate brokerage model around the customer with technology and a team of full service, salaried agents. Home sellers save thousands by paying a $5,000 listing fee plus 2.5% to the buyer's agent, while home buyers trust our team's focus on buyer goals, not commissions. We take pride in giving back to our communities and maintaining an average review of 4.9 out of 5 stars from over 600 client reviews.

In this 7 minute on-demand webinar, Director of Growth Marketing, Tyler Walton, will explain how Houwzer is able to provide a superior listing experience while saving home sellers thousands.

If you know anyone selling their home, make sure they watch this webinar before they waste $15,000!
  • The Archaic Real Estate Brokerage Industry
  • What Is Houwzer?
  • How Is Houwzer Different?
  • A Superior Listing Experience
  • How Houwzer Makes Money
  • Buy & Sell Bundle
Tyler Walton
Director of Growth Marketing
This webinar will show you…
  • Cash-cent-child-1246954
    The Problem
    How the archaic real estate brokerage industry is ripping off home sellers.
  • House_sold_image
    The Solution
    How to save half the cost while enjoying a superior listing experience.
  • Adolescent-couple-investment-1288482
    Bundled Savings
    How to save an extra $2,500 when buying and selling at the same time.