Join the HeyOrca Education Team to learn all about this month's latest feature releases in the HeyOrca platform!

In this session, you will learn:

-HeyOrca's Publishing Notes
-Post Performance in HeyOrca Reports
-Filtering your Top Posts by Campaigns and Tags in HeyOrca
-TikTok Notifications from the HeyOrca mobile app
-More about Community Management in HeyOrca (First edition)

...and more sneak peeks at projects in progress at HeyOrca!

Webinar Length: 1 hour
Location: BigMarker Webinars

We can't wait to see you there!
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    Hey Orca
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    Casey Russell
    Education Manager
    Casey is our Education Manager at the Pod, and knows HeyOrca like the back of her fin!

    Casey manages our Educational Resources and has created the Training Resources page, and the training videos used by our customers to learn how to use our app.

    She also manages and is a part of our training program, that helps customers get the most out of HeyOrca at Day 1!
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    Julia Farrell
    Account Manager
    Julia is one of our dedicated Account Managers with a background in both sales and customer service. She loves building new relationships with clients and helping customers find exactly what they need. In her spare time, Julia can be found curled up with her favourite poetry book or scaling a rock wall.
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    Becca Penney
    Product Manager
    When’s Becca’s not working with the Product Team to release new features and updates, you can find her studying software development, playing RPG games, or managing her personal mini zoo of four pets!
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    Stephanie Schwartz
    Director of Product
    Steph is our Director of Product at HeyOrca, making all the tough decisions so agencies have seamless software to run their business. Steph started her HeyOrca journey in customer support but quickly developed a knack for product management. Steph is also a talented musician under the moniker ‘Steffi the Artist’ and released her debut album ‘Roundabouts’ in 2019
  • 1653410199-7654e8e88785b958
    Julia Fernandes
    Director of Customer Success
    Julia leads our customer success and education to ensure our users have an excellent experience with us at HeyOrca. With a people-first approach, Julia is passionate about technology helping the lives of marketers so they can have more time to do what they love. Her most treasured possessions are ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’ by Viktor Frankl, her tennis racquets, and Le Creuset pot!