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About This Webinar
Interest in LogTech has skyrocketed, spurred by venture capital investments with hundreds of million invested over the last 2 years. These disruptive technologies are transforming every area of logistics services from shipping to warehousing, transportation and the last mile delivery across Asia.

In this special one hour webinar, innovators and industry experts will share their insights and most objective views on logistics technology in Asia:
- How last-mile delivery is growing in Southeast Asia by Maarten Hemmes, CEO, Carpal
- Crossborder Challenges: Orchestrate Multi-Segment Logistics Networks by Marco De Lorenzo, Co-Founder & Chief Commercial Officer, Zyllem
- Moving LogTech Sector Forward - The Case of Myanmar, Peter Novak, Chief Product Officer, Kargo
- How to drive innovation while considering ground level challenges in Asian Markets by Mradul Khandelwal, Founding Member & Vice President - Strategy and Business Development, LogiNext

The webinar and the discussions will be moderated by Max Henry, Founder & Executive Director, Global Supply Chain Council (GSCC).

Who should attend: Managers, Directors, VP’s, Heads, C-Level executives working in key functional areas like supply chain, logistics, retail, IT and innovation in Asia.

Participation Fee:
- US$ 30 for live webinar (includes the recording after the event is completed)
- Free access for GSCC Members (not a member yet? become one and access all webinars for one full year for FREE! Upgrade now at www.gscc.co/join)

Prices include access to the live webinar, the possibility to ask questions directly to the speakers (during and after the presentations) and the webinar recording.

Can’t attend the live webinar? No problem, the fee include the recording and you can listen to the recorded session at any time after the event.
  • How to tap on last-mile delivery to grow businesses in Southeast Asia
  • Implementing digitalization for internal processes to have better operational workflows
  • Learning how to use tech platforms that integrate hybrid fleets
  • Crossborder Challenges - Orchestrate Multi-Segment Logistics Networks
  • Moving LogTech Sector Forward - The Case of Myanmar
Webinar ID
  • Maarten_hemmes__ceo__carpal
    Maarten Hemmes
    CEO, Carpal
    Maarten Hemmes is the founder and CEO of CarPal. An entrepreneur and innovator at heart, Maarten launched his first startup in legal technology at the tender age of 22 in the Netherlands. Maarten also has over 10 years of software development experience through his own IT company serving clients located in Europe, United States and South East Asia. Inspired by the uberization of services and recognising the rising demand in last-mile logistics in South East Asia, Maarten launched CarPal in July 2014.
  • Marco_de_lorenzo
    Marco De Lorenzo
    Co-Founder & Chief Commercial Officer, Zyllem
    Marco De Lorenzo is a versatile business professional and entrepreneur with over 22 years of proven track record across different industries such as IT, Consumer Products and Automotive. Marco was former Head of Consumer/Products/Retail/Wholesale at SAP Asia and Managing Director at Bluefin Solutions. As an entrepreneur, he is also the Co-Founder of Infinity Sails Singapore and started his own fashion business in his early twenties.
  • Peter_novak
    Peter Novak
    Chief Product Officer, Kargo
    Peter is Head of Technology at a startup with the vision to aggregate the fragmented trucking market in Myanmar (Burma) by creating a fair and transparent online marketplace for logistic services. Engineer by profession, he spent five years at research and development at Ericsson before being selected to their international leadership program, which after work in Japan and China took him to Myanmar for the first time in early 2014. Besides his technical background, he has extensive experience in both product ownership and sales roles.
  • Mradul
    Mradul Khandelwal
    Founding Member & Vice President - Strategy and Business Development
    Mradul is a seasoned business leader with extensive experience in building companies from scratch and taking them to multimillion dollar revenue within a couple of years. He is currently the rainmaker at LogiNext and has built LogiNext into a fast-growing engine to become the global SaaS leader in logistics. Mradul is also an industry expert in logistics and field service management and is regarded as an expert speaker in variety of forums including CIO Forums, Retail Forums amongst many others.