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About This Webinar

Technology, especially HR technology, continues to evolve rapidly. A new category of workplace technology has emerged – worktech. Worktech not only helps improve productivity, but it also prioritizes the employee user experience.

Hiring worktech is positioned to transform established practices in recruiting and bring efficiency to outdated TA tech stacks. And despite the tough economic conditions and slowdown in hiring some industries are experiencing, now is a good time to get up to speed on the trends in worktech so you’re ready when hiring picks back up.

Hear from Jon Stross, President and Co-Founder at Greenhouse, and George LaRocque, Principal Analyst and Founder of WorkTech, on why worktech not only helps improve productivity, but also prioritizes the employee user experience.

In this conversation, George and Jon discuss:

- Research findings based on survey data of 1,000+ international respondents, including average 2023 headcount growth across 38 industries

- Hiring Work Tech spend trends and future investment plans from 100 interviews with global HR and Talent Acquisition leaders

- Considerations for a modern tech stack

Featured Presenters
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Founder and Lead Market Analyst at WorkTech
George LaRocque is the Founder and Lead Market Analyst at WorkTech. He has over 30 years in the HR and work technology industry as an HR leader, tech executive, market analyst and advisor. He works with users and developers of HR and talent technology, providing unique insights via WorkTech’s exhaustive research reports. He is also a Founding Partner of the Impact WorkTech Accelerator, launching the next generation of innovative global work and HR technology. Outside of work, you'll find him struggling at his quest to both gain proficiency at tennis and keep up with his children. Connect with George at 1worktech.com and on LinkedIn.
Webinar hosting presenter
President and Co-founder at Greenhouse
Jon Stross is President and Co-founder of Greenhouse, the hiring software company with a mission to help every company become great at hiring. Jon drives the vision and strategy of the Greenhouse product and works closely with customers in their journey to move up the Hiring Maturity curve. Jon’s experience building and running global teams has propelled Greenhouse’s international expansion into EMEA.