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RCM & HCIT: M&A Insight for Buyers and Sellers – What You Need to Know

About This Webinar

Join GA for this strategy-rich webinar for RCM & HCIT executives.

Whether seeking to acquire or considering a sale, this 30-minute webinar will provide critical information to help you prepare for and complete a successful transaction. GA’s Brian Greenberg and Zach Eisenberg will review past transactions to uncover the key steps that buyers and sellers should take to maximize deal terms. As well, the webinar will provide analysis of today’s M&A market, offering insight into how your firm is positioned for an acquisition or sale.

  • Key M&A trends worth knowing
  • Lessons from the M&A trenches
  • "Must-do's" for buyers and sellers
  • Q&A
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Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter Brian Greenberg
Brian is one of the most experienced M&A and strategic advisors in RCM, HCIT, ARM, and related sectors. For over 20 years, he has specialized in advising executives and investors regarding M&A, raising capital, business strategy, and valuation. He and his teams have completed over 125 transactions, creating value well in excess of $1.5 billion.
Webinar hosting presenter
Zach has served as an integral part of Greenberg Advisors since joining in 2015 and is involved in all of GA’s client engagements. He is a known and respected professional within GA’s sectors, largely as a result of his tireless work for the firm’s clients, as well as his participation at industry conferences and his appearance in many industry publications.
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Greenberg Advisors webinar platform hosts RCM & HCIT: M&A Insight for Buyers and Sellers – What You Need to Know
For nearly 25 years, GA has provided outstanding results to owners and investors in RCM, HCIT, ARM, and related segments, having completed over 130 M&A, capital raising, valuation, and other engagements. Visit www.greenberg-advisors.com for additional information.
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