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Phased Array Technology Serving Combo Metal Loss, Cracks & Dents Inline Inspection

Wed, Jul 29, 2020 · 3:00 PM · MDT
About This Webinar

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Pipeline operators are confronted with multiple sources of risk to pipeline integrity, including spillage incidents caused, for example, by mechanical failure, operational activities, corrosion, natural causes, third party activities or other factors.

Over the years, technically advanced devices and non-destructive testing methodologies have been developed in order to reduce these risks.

In order to avoid these unnecessary processes, to minimize costs, sources of error, operational conflicts and to improve safety, Trapil has designed and produced a new inline inspection tool, XTRASONIC-NEO.

In this webinar you will learn:

• How Phased Array technology helps to improve inline inspection data especially regarding crack detection and sizing
• How the qualification of an Inline Inspection tool is performed following international standards
• How a pipeline operator can succeed as a service provider

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Webinar hosting presenter
Business Development Manager, TRAPIL
Graduated from a double diploma in General Engineering from Ecole Centrale in Lille - French Engineering School - and Nuclear Energy Engineering from KTH, Royal Institute of Technology of Stockholm, she started her career in ORANO (ex AREVA), French leader of the nuclear industry, where she took the position of R&D Project Management Consultant.

After this first experience, she decided to come back to operation in the Oil & Gas sector. She joined TRAPIL, the French refined petroleum pipeline operator and service provider. She occupied several positions in project management with achievements in link with pipeline operation.

Since 2017, as a Marketing and Business Development Manager, she has been assigned to work on the international expansion strategy of Trapil regarding its entire range of services: engineering and construction, inspection and integrity, product quality management and metering.

She is, among others, responsible for managing important tendering in the domain of inline inspection (Trapil has developed proprietary ILI tools) and large scale engineering projects. She has acquired a broad vision of the entire pipeline value chain, made possible via a very flexible internal organization and the high commitment she put in her job.
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