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Advances in Automated Methane Detection Using InfraRed Cameras – Cost-Effectively Addressing Remote Monitoring

About This Webinar

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In addressing this new environmental industry requirement, accurate and reliable methane emission detection and monitoring are key capabilities and are increasingly mandated by regulatory bodies. Unfortunately, in many cases the current methods such as point sensors and periodic manual inspections are not sufficient to meet the requirements of these policies.

The industry's response to this need is generation of technologies and solutions. This includes recent advances in InfraRed (IR) camera technology and Machine Learning that have provided new and innovative methods to reliably and automatically detect methane and establish continuous and autonomous monitoring of above ground Natural Gas facilities.

In this webinar, you will learn:

• The growing need, challenges and key targets of automated methane detection
• Recent technology advances in Infrared Methane Detection
• The advantages and practical aspects of deploying a Fixed-Platform, Intelligent Uncooled Optical Gas Imaging Based Methane Detection System

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VP of Research and Development, IntelliView Technologies Inc.
Shane Rogers is Vice President of Research and Development at Intelliview Technologies, a company at the forefront of Infrared Camera monitoring and detection for the O&G industry. For more than seven years at IntelliView, he has been engaged in creating automated leak detection systems for the Oil and Gas industry using color and InfraRed cameras, machine learning and AI. In addition, he works closely with Industry partners such as Flir and NVIDIA and has many hours in the field working with Oil and Gas customers to completely understand the needs and challenges. Shane brings nearly 30 years experience developing and commercializing leading edge technology into high volume commercial products. Prior to IntelliView, he held positions of increasing seniority beginning with technical roles at Axys, Bell Northern Research, evolving to managerial roles with Nortel, and director roles at Wi-LAN and Novatel Wireless. He holds several patents, was a contributing member of the IEEE 802.16e standard committee and serving as a board member of the WiMAX Forum.
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