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· 3 hours

S02E01 - Ember gets wings

Sat, Jan 16, 2016 · 12:00 PM · Eastern Time (US & Canada)
  • Introduction to ember-islands by @too_mitch
  • Ember and Phoenix by @bcardarella
  • Composable Components Part 2 by @MiguelCamba
  • Introduction to ember-cli-release by Steven Lindberg
  • What's up in Emberland by @EmberWeekend
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Webinar hosting presenter Global Ember Meetup
Ember.js mentoring for teams
We're creators and curators of Global Ember Meetup.
Webinar hosting presenter Tracy Lee
Lover of #emberjs and tomsters. Github & Twitter @ladyleet.
Webinar hosting presenter Lauren Tan
Lauren is a Senior Developer at DockYard, a user experience driven software consultancy based in Boston, MA. She has spoken at EmberConf and other JavaScript and Ember meetups, is an author of multiple Ember addons, and is an editor of https://emberway.io, a high quality Ember publication.

Webinar hosting presenter Chase McCarthy
Ember Weekend co-host and developer at Hashrocket
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Global Ember Meetup webinar platform hosts S02E01 - Ember gets wings
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