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S02E08 - The Ember Show

July 9, 2016 at 09:00:00 AM · Pacific Time (US & Canada) 551 views
By Global Ember Meetup (4.7 stars · 14 reviews )
  • Introduction to ember-i18n by James A Rosen
  • Mock-Driven Development by David Zulaica
  • Introduction to ember-power-select by Miguel Camba
  • Introduction to ember-infinity by Hugh Francis
  • Introduction to liquid-fire by Edward Faulkner
Who can view: Everyone
Webinar Price: Free
Webinar ID: 2164bf20f9ee
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Webinar hosting presenter EmberSherpa
Ember.js mentoring for teams
We're creators and curators of Global Ember Meetup.
Webinar hosting presenter Tracy Lee
Lover of #emberjs and tomsters. Github & Twitter @ladyleet.
Webinar hosting presenter Alexey Kulakov
Software Engineer at Semios
Webinar hosting presenter James Rosen
Author and maintainer of ember-i18n
Lead UX Engineer at Fastly
Webinar hosting presenter Edward Faulkner
Ember Core Team, Founder Polynomial LLC
Edward Faulkner is a member of the Ember Core Team and the creator of Ember's official animation library. His open source code is running on mainstream gaming consoles, major social media sites, and hordes of enterprise applications. His consultancy, Polynomial LLC, leads ambitious software projects for a diverse group of businesses and nonprofits. He is a research associate of the MIT Media Lab's Social Computing group, and was previously a lead engineer at Akamai Technologies, where he built critical, internet-scale security infrastructure.
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