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Ember Blueprints, Template Programming, A11Y, Cardstack CMS, and more

August 13, 2016 at 06:30:00 AM · Pacific Time (US & Canada) 298 views
About This Webinar

Cardstack CMS with Edward Faulkner

Learn how to add motion to your Ember apps, and then take a deeper dive to see how the magic works so you can begin designing custom animations.

Betting Your Startup on EmberJS & Go with Harvey Kandola

The inside track on what goes into building an open source, dual licensed enterprise products with EmberJS. Why did we choose EmberJS and Go combination? Why the focus on EmberJS acceptance tests? Why no Ember Data? And some words on dependency management!

Reflections on Accessibility in the Workplace: from a Deaf Engineer's Perspective with James Trabanovich

I will be talking about the tools and procedures we all can use to ensure an inclusive and collaborative environment. What does a healthy and diverse culture look like? How can we make sure everyone is able to contribute? What are a few things you can do to improve accessibility for everyone? To answer these questions, I will share my experiences as a Deaf Engineer and also draw on the experiences of others.

Landing your first PRs in the Ember Open Source Community with Tracy Lee

Many of us would like to start getting involved in open source projects but don’t know where to begin. This talk walks you through how to find intriguing issues in the ember ecosystem you can help fix and contribute to now. We’ll also walk through how to create your first PR, what you should be taking into consideration when doing so, and how to interact or make sure your PR gets noticed.

Frontend Strategy for Start-Ups w/ Ember with Brendan O'Hara

We will walk through strategies startups can use with Ember.js for prototyping and launching their first product quickly and efficiently.

Ember blueprints for fun and profit with Chris McCuller

Did you know you can ember g an ember g? Mind blown? Take a wading pool splash into how to use Ember's blueprints to streamline common development tasks.

Server logging with Ember: a window into your clients. with Xander Dumaine

We developed a server logging module for stashing client side logs to the server and auto tagging them with component/service/controller context. It’s been critical for supportability in our app.

Template first programming with Ember.js with Taras Mankovski

Templates are declarative, explicit and concise, but lack primitives for expressing state transitions. I will show a new way to express state transitions in templates that take expressiveness and clarity of your application to the next level.

Justin Ray - Common Ember Component Errors

This Lightning talk will cover some common mistakes made when building Ember Components. We will discuss a few sources of errors and memory leaks that can easily sneak into your baseline. Finally we'll see how isolating responsibilities to the lowest component level can save you a lot of headaches ... and code!

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