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Hey, don't you know how amazing you are?! Are you holding back from doing more video? Spoiler alert: Your message is not clear because you are operating outside your purpose and allowing limiting beliefs to disguise themselves as reality.

It's time for you to walk out your purpose and deliver your message with on-camera confidence. Take action to get past your fear so you can do more videos!
Mon, Jul 19, 2021 · 7:00 PM
Central Time (US & Canada)
Duration: 1 hour
Who can attend
Dial-in available? (listen only)
Not available.
  • Learn what is divine purpose and how do you create content aligned with it
  • Find out what limiting beliefs are keeping you from doing video and how to combat them
  • Feel ‘safe’ (and excited) about showing up and being seen, becoming an expert using video so you can do the work you truly want to (and were meant to) do
  • Discover how to make room to succeed with video in 3 key areas of business wellness

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