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Unleash Your Human Self, The Hidden Power for Projects and Organizations

About This Webinar

Unleash Your Human Self
The Hidden Power for Projects and Organizations

We live in an age of human awakening, where the value of empathy & emotional intelligence are discussed openly and accepted as necessary in the interactions between humans. One could argue that we are becoming in fact more in tune with our human self.

That said, when it comes to the workplace, does this really apply? Have we adapted our ways of working to this new way of feeling more human?

Unleashing our human self, and the power that real connections have, is a strategic advantage. When we’re more human, so are others around us, and the harmony that is created is infectious and propagates in any project or organization. But we’re often faced with challenging situations, where the “old” way of being at work - formal, overly-process driven – puts us at odds with our human reality and needs.

Join us in this human journey, during which we’ll look at how we can lead by simply being more human.

You will learn how to:

• Appreciate how powerful a human centric approach can be in the work context
• Tackle a variety of frequent, real professional scenarios with a fresh approach
• Unlock hidden (human) potential in projects and organizations
• Share with others these simple concepts

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