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Prototype Validation: Your Foolproof Plan for Production Success

About This Webinar

In our upcoming 15-minute masterclass, we delve into the vital role of validation in making a smooth transition from prototype to production. We'll explore strategies to ensure that your prototype meets all the necessary criteria for a successful production run, avoiding costly delays and setbacks. You'll learn a foolproof approach to:

■ Ensure your prototype is market-ready.
■ Navigate the complexities of prototype validation with ease.
■ Adopt industry best practices to streamline your validation process.

Who should attend?

■ Product Developers eager to reduce time-to-market.
■ Engineering Teams committed to delivering flawless products.
■ Quality Assurance Professionals focused on preemptive problem-solving.

Learn how to tackle validation challenges head-on, turning potential delays into opportunities for refinement and success – register now!

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Featured Presenters
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Senior Engineer
Dave Koogler, a seasoned computer system engineer, stands out for his specialized expertise in prototype validation. Dave has made significant contributions to prototype validation, particularly during his impactful 14-year tenure at Cavium Networks. Prior to joining Geisel Software, he held a critical role in validating optical computation technology at Lightelligence. Dave's unique combination of electrical system design and software engineering skills, along with his adeptness in communication systems architecture and real-time software development, positions him as a preeminent expert in effectively bridging the complex gap between hardware and software.
Webinar hosting presenter
Vice President/Event Moderator
For decades, JR has been strategically and tactically involved with a wide variety of business-to-business software, SaaS, hardware, and consulting services. He was the first Head of Sales for The Mathworks, taking them from $0 to $30 Million in annual sales. He holds an MBA from Harvard University.
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