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11-11:15am - Welcome Address by Scott Stephenson

11:15-11:45am - Urban Air Mobility (UAM) Fan Blade Challenges by Swindt Butterfield

11:45am-12:15pm - Successful Adoption of Thermoplastic Composites by Matt Christensen

12:15-12:35pm - Carbon Fiber meets Polypropylene: New Opportunities with CF in the field of Thermoplastic Composites by Dr. Christos Karatzias

12:35-1pm - Coffee Break Sponsored by Harper International

1-1:30pm - CrossTalk: Opening Remarks & Update on Utah's Advanced Materials and Advanced Manufacturing Industry by Tulinda Larsen

1:30-2pm - Crosstalk: National Manufacturing Trends / Manufacturing USA Update by Mike Molnar

2-2:25pm - Crosstalk: State of the Composites Industry by Jeff Sloan

2:25-2:45pm - Coffee Break Sponsored by Harper International

2:45-3:15pm - Crosstalk: ​Graphene Enabling Advanced Material Applications by Terrance Barkan

3:15-3:45pm - Crosstalk: ​Vision for Growing the Composites Share of the Global Materials Market by Dan Coughlin

3:45-4:10pm - Crosstalk: ​Composite Adoption Trends in Transport and Energy by Julia Attwood

4:10-4:30pm - Coffee Break Sponsored by Harper International

4:30-5pm - Crosstalk: The Role Of Engineered Compounds And 3d Printing In Support Of Industry 4.0 And Manufacturing Competitiveness by Tom Drye

5-5:15pm - Crosstalk: ​Find and Be Found: How to Grow Your Business Through the New CONNEX Supply Chain Tool by Alan Davis

5:15-5:30pm - Crosstalk: Scaling Success: A Regional & National Collaboration in Advanced Composites Talent Readiness by Joannie Harmon and Wes Hobbs

5:30-5:45pm - Closing Remarks by Scott Stephenson and Jeff Sloan
Thu, Nov 19, 2020 · 11:00 AM
Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Duration: 7 hours
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