With the rising cost and shortage of raw materials and tighter demands for product consistency, many processors struggle with blending their resin recipes. Accurately reintroducing regrind into the final product is more important than ever, driven by environmental mandates and cost savings.

In this webinar, Wittmann Battenfeld reviews how to introduce regrind to your process and important key factors that you should know.

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  • How does regrind differ from virgin material
  • Sources of regrind and regrind quality
  • Determining max regrind percentage
  • Best practices for reintroducing regrind
  • Effects of an inconsistent mix
  • Adjusting IMM parameters for small variations in the mix
John DePasquale
Product Manager - Material Handling and Auxiliaries
John DePasquale is the product manager for Wittmann's material handling and auxiliaries division. He has worked in the plastics industry for five years and has held positions as a field service technician and sales support engineer. He has been involved in blender design and also runs Wittmann's Granulator Testing Laboratory that determines what cutting chamber configuration is best for their customer's application.
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