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Intro to DLP: Learn the Basics of Digital Light Processing Technology

About This Webinar

Digital light processing (DLP) is quickly emerging as a key technology to move the 3D printing of plastics from prototyping to mass production, delivering the material properties and part characteristics without the costs and delays of tooling.

Join EnvisionTec to learn the basics of DLP and how new innovations to DLP enable mass production.

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  • How it works
  • The benefits of the technology
  • The key features that are enabling the technology to move into mass production
  • An overview of key materials
  • A variety of application examples with part costing and throughput numbers
Featured Presenters
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Director of Technical Marketing
Ethan is the director of technical marketing at Desktop Metal. With a background in mechanical engineering, Ethan worked at Onshape (now PTC) and MIT Lincoln Labs before joining Desktop Metal. At Desktop Metal, Ethan is responsible for working with customers to help turn their successes with metal 3D printing into case studies, presentations and more.
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