About this Webinar
One of the main challenges for every manufacturer is balancing quality and productivity while striving to hit their customer deliverables.

Although CNC machines are built to do the work, they still require people to setup, operate, unload, and maintain them. If you’re operating with vertical integration, you have likely discovered that one of your leading causes for downtime is human error.

Join this webinar to learn how you can leverage leading edge technologies to connect your workers and processes to help reduce downtime, and increase your bottom line in weeks, not years.

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  • Learn about new cutting-edge technologies
  • Connect your workers and processes
  • Digitize your work instructions
  • Enter the world of Industry 4.0
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    Spero Zervos
    After spending 8 years in the US ARMY as a UH-60 crew chief and door gunner, Spero worked for L-3 and LSI as an Aviation mechanic. Spero then started his life in the manufacturing world as a technical writer creating processes for fabrication, machining, assembly, and painting processes. He became a quality advocate and business process auditor, and then joined VKS, becoming the customer success manager and implementer for companies all around the world.