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Anodizing Basics for Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys

May 11, 2021 at 02:00:00 PM · Eastern Time (US & Canada)
About This Webinar

This brief overview of anodic oxidation is comprised of three parts: anodizing circuit, oxide growth, and anodizing strategies. A virtual picture of the anodizing circuit is developed to help understand the reactions that occur at the anode, in the electrolyte, and at the cathode. The basic mechanism for anodic oxide growth connects the microstructure of the substrate to the oxide structure. Understanding process-mechanism-base metal connections enables the development of anodizing strategies for optimized oxide structures that are tuned to meet design and application requirements.

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  • Anodizing circuit
  • Oxide growth
  • Anodizing strategies
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Senior Technical Advisor - SME Surface Finishing, Apple
Dr. Jude Mary (Judy) Runge's career as a metallurgical engineer and surface finishing expert spans almost 40 years in industrial, government and academic professional settings. Beginning in 1982 at Northrop Corporation, Defense Systems Division, and culminating today as a senior subject matter expert, Apple fellow at Apple (since 2019). Her analytical experience and expertise encompass a variety of manufacturing processes for all materials and focuses on the science and engineering of many aspects of metal finishing. An accomplished metallurgical engineer in various fields, she is recognized internationally as a nonferrous specialist focusing on the science and technology of aluminum and aluminum alloy processes as well as anodizing and the theoretical treatment of porous oxide formation. Dr. Runge received her Ph.D. in metallurgy at the University of Illinois at Chicago under Dr. Michael McNallan. She is the inventor and owner of the patented CompCote process for anodizing aluminum. Her book, "The Metallurgy of Anodizing Aluminum," is counted as one of her biggest personal achievements. Dr. Runge is devoted to learning more about the basic science of anodizing and teaching these learnings. She is the education chairman for the AAC since 2008 and currently shares the position as co-chairman.