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Harnessing the Power of the Vagus Nerve: A Synergistic Approach with Lifestyle, Supplementation, & Non-Invasive Stimulation* with Mark J. Tager, MD

About This Webinar

There is a new syndrome sweeping our country, driving clients and patients to come see practitioners. It is the extreme sympathetic nervous system dominance creating legions of “wired and tired” people. This over-stimulation is responsible for robbing sleep, disturbing calm, and interrupting focus. It also fuels the flames of inflammation.*

There is an antidote to this problem. Its roots lie in restoring vagal tone. The vagus nerve, the Xth cranial, is the longest nerve in the body. It is responsible for the autonomic regulation associated with “rest and digest.” Today we realize that we can stimulate the vagus and put its beneficial regulation to work several ways. These include lifestyle modifications, supplements including herbs and botanicals; and consumer devices that conveniently and safely provide gentle electrical stimulation.* By attending this engaging webinar, you will:

• Review the anatomy and physiology of the vagus nerve
• Become acquainted with lifestyle hacks for developing vagal tone*
• Understand how selected minerals, herbs, and botanicals work via the vagus nerve to downregulate inflammation and promote calm and focus.*
• Learn why and how non-invasive vagus nerve stimulation can impact focus, relaxation, and sleep.*
• Become introduced to a synergistic protocol for ameliorating “vagus insufficiency”, thus promoting health and vitality.*

This webinar is for healthcare professionals and students only.

CE Information - This webinar will offer the following:
• 1.0 credit of Naturopathic Continuing Education by The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians for NDs.

• To receive CE credit, you must attend the live event and register using ND credentials.
• Eligible for NDs in the U.S. only.
• After attending the live event, you will receive your CE certificate via email within 2-3 weeks.
SPECIAL NOTE for NDs in OREGON: The Oregon Board of Naturopathic Medicine (OBNM) has changed their CE approval process and will not review nor approve an event without proof that at least 1 Oregon ND has attended the event. We will seek approval for NDs in OR post-webinar.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This webinar and/or products is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter
Co-Founder - Vagus Nerve Society, CEO - ChangeWell, Inc.
Dr. Tager is known for the synergistic and entertaining approach he takes to educating and training his colleagues and consumers. He has trained hundreds of healthcare practitioners to improve their in-person and on camera skills. Clinically, he is most passionate about complementary treatment for chronic conditions, with personalized nutrition as one of the foundations for integrative care.

He has served as the founding Vice President of Marketing for Reliant Technologies, where he launched the Fraxel® laser and has also served as Chief Marketing Officer for Syneron and as a strategic consultant for Lutronic. He has served as Director of Practice Management for the Miami Cosmetic Surgery conference. Along with Dr. Peter Staats, he co-founded The Vagus Nerve Society. Most recently, Dr. Tager created the 40-hour CME course on Personalized Nutrition for Practitioners on behalf of The American Nutrition Association. He is on the faculty of Duke Integrative Medicine. His most recent book is Feed Your Skin Right: Your Personalized Nutrition Plan for Radiant Beauty. The book serves as the basic content for a 10-hr online professional training program called Inside Skin Beauty. He did his medical training at Duke Medical School and Family Practice at the University of Oregon. He lives outside San Diego where he grows impressive tomatoes.
Webinar hosting presenter Valery L. Greene
Medical Sales Manager - Gaia Herbs PRO
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