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SAP Integration Review of 2022 and how to move into 2023

About This Webinar

2022 has been an eventful year for SAP Integration. SAP Integration Suite has now matured and making it the easy choice for customers to handle their integration.

Juan Duque, Partner in SAPERE will join me in this webinar, to share how what he has on his projects.

This conversation will cover:

- Current state of SAP Integration Suite and is it good enough?
- Neo to Cloud Foundry Migrations, which is something you will need to know and plan
- SAP PI to SAP Integration Suite migration, when is the right time for you to migrate?
- What should you add to your 2023 plan?

There will be time to ask questions.

  • SAP Integration Suite
  • SAP BTP from Integration Perspective
  • SAP PI to SAP Cloud Integration Migrations
  • SAP Neo to SAP Cloud Foundry Migrations
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Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter Daniel Graversen
CEO, Founder
Daniel Graversen is a SAP Mentor and SAP Integration expert. He has been working with SAP Integration for 15+ years and possesses a wide experience with SAP XI/PI/PO/HCI/CPI and API Management development. Daniel has helped many small and really large companies with optimizing their SAP integration.

Daniel is a SAP Mentor and community member of SAP Community Network (SCN). He has been working with all kinds of integration perspectives from proxies to integration solutions.

Beside developing new tools for SAP integration and helping companies, Daniel is also a speaker, SAP mentor, and blogger on the topics of SAP integration.
Webinar hosting presenter
Consulting Partner, SAPERE
20+ years of experience in Enterprise Integration and extensive experience within the pharmaceutical industry, which probably is one of the more demanding industries to have processes and documentation in place.
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