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‘SHORTER RUN TIMES, ZERO INVENTORY AND ON-DEMAND PRODUCTION IS THE WAY AHEAD’ - Know how you can meet your customer’s demand in the most cost-effective manner presents Ms. Sharon Donovich, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Direct-to-Fabric, Kornit Digital.

With Industry 4.0 gearing up all over, the Textile Industry is now expected to respond to trends and customer needs in no time, shorter runs, one-offs and the ability to print on demand are driving the MICRO-FACTORY Concept

The need of the hour today is:

• To stay in line with the current market trends in the era of Fast Fashion
• To meet customer’s demand with best-in-class quality & wider range of options
• To reduce run-time and meet the deadlines
• To adopt more sustainable yet cost-effective techniques with zero wastage
• To cut short on-hand inventory
• To reduce dependency on external processes of pre-treatment, washing & steaming
• To adopt more automated production process

All of these sounds too good to be true? We’ll tell you how you can gain agility in your production process with Kornit’s MICRO-FACTORY that enables Design-to-finished-garment production workflow.
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    Ms. Sharon Donovich
    Senior Product Marketing Manager, Direct-to-Fabric - Kornit Digital
    Experienced Product Marketing Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the commercial printing and textiles industries. Strong marketing professional skilled in Product Lifecycle Management, Print Management, Pre-press, Digital Printing, and Document Management.