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Live, on-demand, and automated webinars
Webinar landing pages designed for conversion
Choose a mobile-responsive landing page template. Each one is professionally designed to perform.
  • Event-img-1
    Choose a template
    Choose the perfect webinar landing page template. Each is designed to maxmimize conversions.
  • Event-img-2
    Add your branding
    Add your logo and customize the page with your theme color so that your pages are consistent with your own website and brand.
  • Event-img-3
    Choose which data to capture
    Use custom registration forms for lead generation. Choose which info you capture from people when they register.
  • Event-img-5
    Built for conversion
    Templates are designed using the latest research and best practices to get users to complete calls to action.
  • Event-img-4
    Mobile responsive
    Your landing pages are optimized for every device and screen size.
  • Event-img-6
    Track & measure everything
    Our team will work with you to select a registration page designed to maximize conversion rates.
Promotion, monetization & measurement built-in
Your account includes the tools you need to promote your content, monetize your webinars, and measure everything to grow your audience.
  • Promotion-img-1
    Import your contacts
    Import contacts from Google, Outlook, or a CSV. You can also sync with Salesforce, Hubspot, or any other software.
  • Promotion-img-2
    Customize & send emails
    Email invitations are built in. They are customizable and designed to maximize conversion rates.
  • Promotion-img-3
    Easy social sharing
    Link your social accounts to promote your webinar with just a couple of clicks.
  • Promotion-img-4
    Sell tickets
    Monetize your webinars, classes, or workshops with built-in ticketing. Simply withdraw proceeds to PayPal.
  • Promotion-img-5
    Sharing in place of payment
    To drive traffic, people can register for free if they share the webinar with their social network.
  • Promotion-img-6
    Increase demand
    To create demand, specify how many people can register for and attend the live webinar.
  • Promotion-img-7
    Automated reminders
    Our system will automatically remind registrants about your webinar at specified intervals.
  • Promotion-img-8
    Boost attendance
    You can have your webinars featured across our email newsletters and social media channels.
  • Promotion-img-9
    Embed registration forms
    Copy and paste a snippet of HTML to easily embed sign-up forms on your blog or website.
Integrate with CRM marketing automation, & everything else
Use BigMarker with your favorite tools so there is no disruption to your workflow.
  • Integrate-img-1
    Marketing automation
    Integrate directly with Hubspot and Infusionsoft; use Zapier for Pardot, Eloqua, Marketo, and many others.
  • Integrate-img-2
    Integrate directly with Salesforce; use Zapier for Base, Insightly, Zoho, and many others.
  • Integrate-img-3
    Integrate directly with PayPal; use Zapier for Stripe and many others.
  • Integrate-img-4
    Upload presentations to your BigMarker webinar directly from PowerPoint. Pull files in directly from Dropbox.
  • Integrate-img-5
    Video content management
    Export your recordings directly to MP4 or YouTube, or to Vimeo, Wistia, and more via Zapier.
  • Integrate-img-6
    + 500 More
    Zapier provides one easy-to-use interface to integrate with basically every app or service imaginable, right from BigMarker.
Go live from your own online Conference Room
Present to a few dozen or a few thousand people in your own customized online Conference Room.
  • 9-way-hd-audio-and-video
    HD audio & video
    Don’t let software limit you. With 9-way HD audio & video, plus chat for any size audience, it doesn’t have to.
  • Hd-screenshare
    HD screen sharing
    Present your entire desktop or a single application in HD to kick demos up a notch.
  • No-software-downloads
    No downloads!
    Stop wasting 10 minutes downloading software. Our webinars run in browsers like Chrome and Firefox for an easier process.
  • Customizable-conference-rooms
    Customize your room
    Add your logo and theme color to the Conference Room for a fully branded experience.
  • Record-unlimited-webinars
    Record unlimited webinars to build a library of content on BigMarker. You can offer your recordings for free or sell tickets.
  • Play-youtube-videos
    Play videos
    Simply copy and paste YouTube links or upload mp4 files to play during your webinar.
  • Present-slides-and-powerpoint
    Present files
    Upload your presentation before the webinar so it’s ready to go, or add a presentation once you’re inside the Conference Room.
  • Collaborative-whiteboard-tool
    Edit presentations, collaborate with others, and highlight points with the whiteboard tool.
  • Unlimited-webinar-presenters
    No limit on presenters
    Add unlimited presenters before the webinar, or turn attendees into presenters so they can share their mics, cams, and content.
  • Live-webinars-no-delays
    No delays
    Most platforms have delays, but BigMarker is truly live so you can interact with your audience in real-time.
  • Embed-webinars
    Embed into your website
    Bring the full experience to your website by embedding registration forms, the live webinar, and the recording.
  • Webinar-streaming-api
    Build into your app
    Bring BigMarker directly to your app. Our Public API and Widgets enable you to host from your site. Learn more →
Make it interactive
Wow your audience with a better experience that's powered by interactive features.
  • Interactive-img-1
    Public & private chat
    Moderate a public chat and get immediate feedback while the session is in progress. Presenters can chat privately.
  • Interactive-img-2
    Q&A & upvoting
    Field questions from the audience in a simple list format. As the audience upvotes questions, the best rise to the top.
  • Interactive-img-3
    Polls & quizzes
    Capture feedback and data from your audience. Check their understanding. Get access to all data in your report.
  • Interactive-img-4
    Bring anyone on screen
    Anyone can share and participate in your webinars. Instead of one-way streams, they become truly interactive.
  • Interactive-img-5
    Share your handouts with the audience when you're ready. Add value with content they can take with them.
  • Interactive-img-6
    Host a Twitter chat
    Link your Twitter hashtag to your webinar to engage a larger audience and benefit from network effects.
On-demand video & presentations
Record sessions and provide on-demand access to them on your channel. Download or export them to your website or YouTube.
  • Demand-img-1
    Record live sessions
    Record your webinars with the click of a button. After the webinar, they will automatically post to your channel.
  • Demand-img-2
    Edit recordings
    Trim the beginning or end of your recording and design a beautiful landing page to increase views.
  • Demand-img-3
    Upload other videos
    Instead of hosting your event live, you can use a past recording or your own video file to play at a designated time.
  • Demand-img-4
    On-demand playback
    Build a repository of recorded webinars that are available to view in the future. Choose whether they are public, only available to registrants, or only available to attendees.
  • Demand-img-5
    Pay to view
    Offer your recordings for free, or name a price to continue to monetize your content.
  • Demand-img-6
    Buy Now! popups
    Have an awesome offer in conjunction with your webinar? Offer it from directly inside the Conference Room.
Build your audience on your channel
Create more than a one-off webinar, class, or workshop. Build traction around great content over time.
  • Library-of-webinar-content
    Your content’s home
    More than just one-off webinars, BigMarker gives you a channel to store all of your webinars and engage your audience.
  • Webinar-marketing-grow-subscribers
    Grow subscribers
    Your channel provides continuity so no webinar marketing effort is wasted. The more you host, the more you grow.
  • Sell-monetize-webinar-tickets
    Free or paid
    Your channel can be free for people to access, or you can set an optional or required subscription price.
  • Embed-webinars-anywhere
    Embed anywhere
    Easily embed your channel's content anywhere, including your website, blog, or social media accounts.
  • Engage-audience-interactive-webinars
    Engage your followers
    Your channel includes discussion tools to continue the conversation between live sessions and talk about what’s coming next.
  • Custom-branded-webinars-online-events
    Brand it your way
    Brand your channel with a customizable cover area to provide another touchpoint with your audience.