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App For Meeting Room to stabilize the quality for Attendies
Created by Malte Böhm on January 26, 2019
Malte Böhm
Saturday, January 26 at 4:17 AM
For the last 3 Month the Meeting Room has been improved a lot. But its still a poor quality because even with a stable and perfect internet connect Voices are often interrupted or attendies get kicked out of the meetingroom and have to reload the page. In my case i use those room a lot for consultation with my clients, but unfortenately this is not usable atm.
Rony Gurwicz
Wednesday, November 27 at 5:12 AM
We have the same problem Malte. Unfortunately we gave up with Bigmarker. They only give us "solutions" that dont work. The ideia of Bigmarker is good, but it does not work well. Money on the garbage.