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Sync chat with Facebook & Youtube live
Created by Thomas Secher on January 24, 2019
Thomas Secher
Thursday, January 24 at 1:39 PM
It would be amazing if all comments by users on Facebook & Youtube lives would show up in the BigMarker app and that all posts to chat within BigMarker webinars automatically are pushed to comments on Facebook & Youtube live. Right now it's a bit complex to run webinar with Facebook & Youtube live as we basically have to follow posts in 3 different screens. That's not an optimal solution. I hope this will be possible to accomplish in the near future.
Wednesday, January 30 at 5:57 AM
I totally agree
Dani Barbe
Monday, September 16 at 8:39 AM
Yesssss Youtube Comments
Francesco Mascetti
Monday, March 30 at 4:13 AM
I really hope that this feature will be added soon! Bigmarker is probably the best webinar platform around, but this feature will skyrocket it to still higher-end performances. Thanks in advance for your time.