About This Webinar
While sustainability is no longer a siloed concern, the industry has yet to make it a true priority when weighing important business decisions. However, that could all change as stakeholders’ sensitivity to risk grows and their perspective on risk management broadens to incorporate responsible sourcing, design and production. In this webinar, investors will address the aspects of sustainability they care about most, outline the metrics they find most reliable when vetting fashion firms, and provide their outlook on how long apparel companies have before these practices become table stakes.

Watch the webinar to learn more about:
• How cotton price fluctuations affect sustainability commitments
• How to balance quick wins and long-term goals
• How software can detect sustainability deficits up the supply chain
• How to keep customers AND Wall Street satisfied
• Best practices for companies not as mature in their sustainability strategies
• Weighing “hidden” upstream sustainability efforts vs more consumer-facing ones
  • 1634753306-113218a09e2b753c
    Jesse Daystar
    Ph.D., Chief Sustainability Officer, Vice President, Sustainability Cotton Incorporated
  • 1634753317-35a49e36fd8869ae
    Sedef Uncu Aki
    Director, Orta
  • 1634765864-c5404781fff5335b
    Nathan Fleming
    Chief Marketing Officer, Bamboo Rose
  • 1634741024-66bb1c73087fea1a
    Dov Brachfeld
    Global Sustainability Manager, Treadler
  • 1634754797-ae3b098397d44ca3
    Edward Hertzman
    President, Sourcing Journal (moderator)