As beauty and wellness brands continue to micro-target shoppers online, it’s evident that generational cohorts continue to diverge in terms of shopping habits and attitudes. Research from ecommerce solution provider Scalefast shows that three times as many younger consumers (18-34) have shopped regularly from a DTC brand (13%) compared to those above 55 (3%). This reveals that despite the rapid growth of DTC by branded manufacturers and digitally native brands over the past few years, there is still massive multigenerational opportunity to increase market share.

It is within this context that Beauty Inc presents a digital event featuring experts from Scalefast who share insights into strategic marketing to bolster e-commerce beauty sales by creating optimized campaigns that drive traffic and boost conversions.
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    Amandine Soares
    VP, Products Scalefast
    Currently Scalefast's VP of Products, Amandine is the architect for Scalefast's Client Success department, designing the best approach to drive client revenue in a Business-as-a-Service model. As part of the executive leadership team, she has been responsible for the strategy behind the company's client portfolio lifecycle, as well as the eCommerce expertise and professional services offering. Soares has developed a deep understanding of digital channels through her work with Scalefast clients like L'Oréal and Chanel with a passion to share knowledge and empower the teams of her business partners around the world.
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    Jennifer Walsh
    Founder, Beauty Bar
    Jennifer Walsh is a true architect of the beauty, retail landscape. Creating the very first omni-channel beauty brand in the US in 1998, she changed the way people shopped for beauty. Her creation of Beauty Bar was that vehicle that allowed its early shoppers and adopters to see & try out niche beauty products in her brick & mortar locations, her website, and weekly TV show. Her retail concept and locations also became the first in America to incorporate biophilic design. Jennifer grew her business until she sold the company in 2010. Amazon now owns the Beauty Bar/

    Since selling off her first business, Jennifer has created multiple wellness brands and has worked with brands both overseas and within the states that are rolling out products, stores or trying to create a footprint in the US market.

    During the past 5 years Jennifer has been on a mission to get more people outdoors, to understand the power of walking in nature, and the impact and importance of green spaces in our offices, homes, hospitals, schools and our cities. She is bridging the gap between brain health and nature.

    Jennifer intuitively knew the connection to the beauty industry was always deeply rooted in its connection to nature and how we connect with the natural world around us. Jennifer began spending time with neuroscientists around the country to learn more about our connection to nature and its effects on the brain. She began working with companies around the country to infuse nature into programs, into businesses, hotel groups and into schools. She is also working with many beauty brands on their sustainability practices and regenerative options, driving home the importance and impact of being hyper local in business practices.

    You can find Jennifer still on air every month (24 years on air) discussing beauty, wellness and retail trends. She is also a wellness contributor to many publications and online outlets. As the consummate storyteller, Jennifer has a video series called Walk with Walsh where she interviews people, products, places, and spaces that are bringing us back to nature. The Walk with Walsh video series was created to tell stories not only in a new way ( as in hosting walking interviews in nature ) but to drive home the importance of what nature means to all of us in an every increasing technological world.

    She is also the co-host of the Biophilic Solutions Podcast and her first book will drop in November 2021.
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    Mina Zandbar
    Vice President, eCommerce & Digital Strategy, Wella
    Mina is a dynamic results-driven leader with a wealth of experience on D2C, B2B and B2C businesses, combined with deep knowledge in digital transformation and digital engagement in consumer-centric industries. She has a track record of directly contributing to the company’s digital transformation and turn around billion-dollar organizations. She leads with believe in the power of people.
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    Ryma Chikhoune
    Eye & Beauty Reporter, WWD
    Ryma Chikhoune is the Eye and Beauty Reporter at WWD. She was previously the West Coast Contributing Editor at W magazine, and her byline has appeared in Vanity Fair, Interview magazine and The Hollywood Reporter. She resides in Los Angeles.