The number of U.S. consumers shopping on social media is expected to skyrocket 37 percent by 2025, going from 79 million in 2020 to 108 million. That momentum has brands speeding into new territory, trying to understand how to tap into this social zeitgeist and use it to drive smarter omnichannel strategies.

Discover what makes social commerce and social media users tick in this crucial conversation, which will shed light on everything from business vision to consumer inspiration.
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    Marie La France
    Vice President of Strategy, Dash Hudson
    Marie is the VP of Strategy at Dash Hudson. Dash Hudson’s AI-fueled visual technology helps the world’s most discerning brands source, create, measure, and increase the engagement of their imagery. Prior to joining Dash Hudson, Marie spent 13 years in Publishing, collaborating with top fashion and beauty brands at Vogue and Interview magazines.
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    Adriana Lee
    Technology Reporter, WWD
    Adriana Lee is a technology reporter for Women’s Wear Daily. Previously, she was an emerging technologies editor for ReadWrite, formerly ReadWriteWeb, one of the tech sector’s earliest and most respected online media outlets. Her expansive career traverses lifestyle, small business, fashion, newsmakers and the performing arts, with work appearing in Time magazine, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Footwear News and other magazines, tech sites and syndicated channels.

    Having grown up in her family’s manufacturing and garment production business, Adriana taps all aspects of her background for her role at WWD, where she covers the essential technologies shaping the world of fashion, beauty, e-commerce and the broader retail sector.