About This Webinar
Mills and manufacturers were already facing mounting pressure to create greater efficiencies across the supply chain even before the industry was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. And as recovery begins, it’s clear that the effects of the crisis will continue to be felt.

Looking to the future, mills and manufacturers need to identify and adopt strategies that are cost-effective, time- or resource-saving, and quality- and process-improving to secure the future of their operations and the industry at large.

Join Sourcing Journal on May 18 at 11 am ET to learn how COTTON USA SOLUTIONS®, the first-of-its-kind technical consultancy in the cotton supply chain, provides data, technology and one-on-one offerings to enable mills to evaluate their current operations, develop better strategies and position their businesses to be more competitive and profitable.

The discussion will feature a case study from Tata Textile Mills Limited, highlighting how the mill improved both productivity and profitability using the expertise, consultations and educational materials offered through COTTON USA SOLUTIONS®.

The webinar will address:
• The major barriers to maximizing profitability, including raw materials and waste
• The vital data mills need to boost efficiencies, from dye uptake to laydown
• The technologies and techniques necessary to implement small-and large-scale process optimizations
• Data-informed 2021 trends that will impact your business
• How to qualify and register for COTTON USA SOLUTIONS®
  • 1619450299-17a01ab1bb4b15ce
    Joerg Bauersachs
    Head of Cotton Council International Technical Services and COTTON USA SOLUTIONS™
  • 1619450306-7798cc8cf274fcfc
    Shahid Anwar Tata
    CEO of Tata Textile Mills Limited
  • 1619450337-b893789148e1b146
    Kurt Kipka
    VP, Apparel Impact Institute
  • 1619193549-0afddf29ad00d8a1
    Caletha Crawford
    publisher of Sourcing Journal (moderator)