About This Webinar
Market research reports and focus groups aren't informing the product strategy at consumer-led brands. The fashion ecosystem has rapidly evolved over the past 17 months and it’s favoring brands built to respond to consumers at speed. As e-commerce growth has dramatically accelerated during Covid, brands across the retail spectrum have experienced an influx of data across direct interactions and purchases from consumers. Direct to consumer (DTC) is no longer a peripheral channel for legacy brands to “check the box.” Its growing market share is here to stay and all brands must ramp up their means of measuring and responding to their consumers if they want to stay competitive.

Laying the path forward are digitally-native brands, who at their core rely on consumers to become better informed and more efficient about the products they deliver. Ranging from shorter lead times to seasonless drops to data-informed product decisions, these brands embody the attributes necessary to compete right now.

Join Sourcing Journal on September 28th at 2pm ET to discuss product creation and go-to-market strategy for consumer-led retail, and the steps all brands must take to successfully compete.

Watch the webinar to learn more about:

· The state of consumer-led retail and the demands for brands to evolve
· Consumer responsiveness defined across lead times, consumer data, sampling and more
· How DTC brand Taylor Stitch is rationalizing assortment by cutting styles and colorways with predictive data from MakerSights
· Initial areas within product creation and go-to-market that brands can focus on and take steps to build responsiveness
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    Dan Leahy
    Co-Founder and CEO at MakerSights
  • 1629821481-cabf35d2a3779de2
    Mike Maher
    Co-Founder and CEO at Taylor Stitch
  • 1629821486-0bd3a112a6a665f1
    Edward Hertzman
    President, Sourcing Journal (moderator)