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October AE Hangout: Building Your Team While Changing the World

About This Webinar

Hey ya'll! This will be the first "hangout" for the AE community. What is that you ask? It's a free community I've created for anyone who wants to do positive things in their community but is looking for resources and like-minded people. It's free and in beta...you can sign up here: https://emcclartypllc.lpages.co/angel-entrepreneurs-signup/

The topic this month? Gathering the troops. How do you find volunteers? Co-founders? Investors? Board members? Or just a group to complain to and learn from?

This will be kept small, super informal and only open to the AE community. See you there!

  • Introduce ourselves, our work and one thing we need help with.
  • Talk about the one thing people don't do before building teams that kills their efforts
  • Run through an exercise I did in a workshop on team-building that everyone loved
  • Close out by committing to something we'll do in the next 3 days to move forward
  • Share resources if there's time
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