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5 Steps to Turn Process and Precision into Your Competitive Advantage

About This Webinar

As Powersports dealerships hit high gear during the summer, processes often take a back seat. But now, as the fall approaches and dealers are learning to navigate a post-COVID landscape, it's time to shift your attention back to what truly counts: refining your processes. This is an opportune time to streamline and enhance your processes and optimize your phone leads.

In this live webinar featuring Car Wars' Tyler von Richter, Tyler will give a comprehensive overview of five vital strategies to enhance customer experience within the Powersports industry. We will delve into essential aspects of an enviable phone regimen such as leveraging advanced call routing, prioritizing high-value phone calls, enhancing staff accountability, seizing every opportunity, and building unwavering commitments through outbound calling. This webinar promises to be a game-changer for Powersports dealers seeking to revolutionize their phone processes. This practical session will feature real dealer reports and address your burning questions on how to elevate your customer engagement through optimized phone handling.

  • Learn how implementing advanced routing capabilities helps guarantee callers reach their intended destination and boosts customer satisfaction.
  • Discover how identifying and giving precedence to high-value phone calls will optimize your team's productivity and influence.
  • Gain actionable insight and instill staff accountability for delivering consistently exceptional customer experiences.
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Senior Director of Sales - Car Wars
Tyler is the Senior Director of Sales at Car Wars. Prior to joining Car Wars, Tyler worked in the sports industry as a writer for SB Nation and TV/Radio commentator. He has worked with dealers in the auto, leisure, and powersports industries for nearly a decade now, but his passion is in the powersports space. His passion is building partnerships with powersports dealers who share a common goal, improve processes with people and simplified technology, and help dealers improve revenue and retention.
Webinar hosting presenter
Editor in Chief - Powersports Business Magazine
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