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Nuclear Energy Unveiled-A three-part webinar series: Microreactors

About This Webinar

Join us for an electrifying exploration of the future of nuclear energy in our upcoming webinar series, "Nuclear Energy Unveiled: Gen III+, Microreactors, and Gen IV Reactors."

Nuclear energy, a proven, clean, and reliable energy source, is experiencing a resurgence of interest and enthusiasm commensurate with a global push towards decarbonization. However, the path to embracing nuclear power as a sustainable solution has been a journey spanning over 60 years. As Georgia Power and Southern Company have demonstrated with the completion of Vogtle Unit 3 and the imminent finish of Unit 4, the viability and potential of new nuclear energy in our evolving clean energy landscape has been confirmed and the push affirmed towards the next new nuclear solution.

At POWER Magazine, we are thrilled to present a comprehensive series of webinars that will explore the intricate world of nuclear reactors, their diverse options, and the pros and cons associated with each technology. Our series begins with an in-depth look at Gen III+ reactors, followed by a deep dive into Microreactors, and concludes with highly anticipated updates on Gen IV Reactors.

Here's what you can expect from our thought-provoking webinars:

1. Gen III+ Reactors Unveiled: We'll start our journey by comparing the groundbreaking Gigawatt designs to their smaller derivative versions. Discover the advancements in Gen III+ reactors and how they align with the increasing clean energy demands of today.
2. Meeting the Clean Energy Challenge: Explore the pivotal role of Gen III+ reactors in addressing the pressing clean energy needs of our time. Learn where and how these reactors are poised to make a significant impact.
3. Gen IV Reactors and Spent Fuel: Dive into the world of Gen IV reactors and the future opportunities they unlock for high-temperature industrial heat applications and efficient utilization of spent fuel. Understand the potential of this revolutionary technology in enhancing sustainability and enabling industrial decarbonization.
4. Accelerating Construction Time: Delve into the innovative solutions that our experts are implementing to expedite the construction process of nuclear reactors. Discover how we are paving the way for quicker, more efficient deployment.
5. Microreactors: Shaping the Future: Uncover the strategic placement of Microreactors within our clean energy blueprint. Explore their unique applications and the exciting possibilities they offer.

Our webinar series promises to be a dynamic and informative exploration of the nuclear energy landscape, featuring experts at the forefront of innovation. Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and engage in discussions that will shape the future of clean energy. Join us as we embark on a journey towards a brighter and more sustainable energy future with nuclear power at its core.

  • The second episode will include a deep dive into Microreactors with BWXT, Westinghouse, and USNC
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Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter
Business Development Manager, Advanced Energy Systems Research and Development
Ben Carmichael is part of the Advanced Energy Systems team at Southern Company Research and Development, where he works as a Business Development Manager to establish the national and international collaborations that support Southern Company’s advanced energy systems development programs. Ben joined Southern Company in 2006 and has had a variety of opportunities across Southern Company affiliates, including engineering roles in both Southern Company Fleet Operations and Generation Planning and Development, managing the nuclear fuel procurement program for Southern Nuclear Operating Company, and managing new nuclear development opportunities for Southern Nuclear Development, LLC. Ben holds a Bachelor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and a Master of Science of Civil Engineering from Auburn University, a Masters of Engineering in sustainability from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and a Professional Engineer license in the State of Alabama.
Webinar hosting presenter
Sr. Director – Advanced Reactor Commercialization at eVinci Technologies a Westinghouse Electric Company
Michael Valore has 15 years of combined experience in the energy sector, where he’s held varying roles of increasing responsibility. Michael is currently the Senior Director of Commercialization at Westinghouse as part of the eVinci Technologies Business Unit. In this role, he is responsible for leading the effort to bring eVinci to the commercial market. Prior to his current role, he served in a senior position as the Westinghouse Americas Procurement Officer where he was responsible for Westinghouse’s North American supply chain. He has previously held roles managing projects for AP1000® in the US and China and was responsible for all material and equipment delivery for AP1000 project sites. Prior to joining Westinghouse, Michael started his career at FirstEnergy working as a Mechanical Engineer in two large coal fired power plants.
Webinar hosting presenter
Product Development Director, BWXT Advanced Technologies LLC
Erik T. Nygaard is director, Research and Engineering (R&E) for BWXT Advanced Technologies LLC, a subsidiary of BWX Technologies, Inc. (BWXT). In his current role, Mr. Nygaard oversees R&E which includes medical isotopes, advanced nuclear reactors, data science and additive manufacturing. He most recently served as the director, Isotope Research & Development focusing on the company’s groundbreaking medical isotope technology announced in early 2018 and has initiated two additional development programs for therapeutic radioisotope production.
During his tenure at BWXT, Mr. Nygaard has held several engineering positions of increasing responsibility. He served as the product line manager responsible for developing isotope technology, a nuclear engineer in the company’s Advanced Reactors and Engineering group, and a safety analysis engineer and test engineer for mPowerTM Reactor, the company’s Generation III++ small modular reactor project.
Mr. Nygaard joined the company in 2010 as the acting chief reactor engineer for the Medical Isotope Production System program while still a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He was also licensed by the Nuclear Reactor Commission to operate the university’s nuclear reactor. Most recently, he became Nuclear Quality Assurance certified by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.
Mr. Nygaard earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree in nuclear engineering from the University of Wisconsin – Madison and holds two U.S. patents, with two patents pending. He is also a member of the American Nuclear Society.
Webinar hosting presenter
Executive Vice President of Strategic Engagements & Chief Legal Officer at Ultra Safe Nuclear Corporation
Mr. Backhaus is the Executive Vice President of Strategic Engagements for Ultra Safe Nuclear Corporation (USNC) and is based in Washington, DC. In that capacity, Mr. Backhaus engages with internal stakeholders and external stakeholders, including international and domestic governmental entities, strategic partners, and customers to promote the company’s success in the United States and abroad.
Prior to joining USNC, Mr. Backhaus was a nuclear energy regulatory and transactional attorney at several international law firms and advised foreign governments and foreign and domestic clients on various aspects of developing domestic nuclear power programs and related infrastructure, including vendor procurement, agreements for the construction, operation, and fueling of nuclear power units, and the protection of sensitive technical and corporate information.
Mr. Backhaus is a technically-trained nuclear engineer and served as an officer on the USS FLORIDA, a nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine. He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania Law School (JD), George Mason University (MA), the US Navy Nuclear Power Program, and the U.S. Naval Academy (BS).
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